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About Us

PT Tenaga Alami Nusantara was envisioned as a provider of Clean Renewable Energy, by Leveraging Technology to achieve accessible resources for everyone and to act as an enabler of green energy.

Our Approach has been catered for specific ranges within the market, from households to entities with scalable operating plants. Our unique proposition that segregates us from the rest is to utilize
technology to obtain data derivates such as energy monitoring and audit by utilizing Machine Learning and scalable Artificial Intelligence.

Realizing the current condition of recent global pandemic, PT Tenaga Alami Nusantara saw the potential of shifting demands within the market by enabling its existing assets to fit the requirements as a Digitalization & Software House. Opportunity to prove itself as an agile company has shown how PT Tenaga Alami Nusantara managed to stay in business even during difficult times, by securing projects and delivering quality solutions to its costumer such as Patient Trace, Digital Product Management for BAKTI and various other companies.

Our Team

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