Our Portfolio

Here's some of the team masterpiece that we dedicated to our customers. We put every single creativity and experience to make sure our customer get what they imagine.

Mitratel Corporate Website

Competition in the business world is getting tougher in the era of Digitalization and Industry 4.0. Not to mention that the new normal indirectly forces industry players to adapt and digitize their business well in order to survive and thrive. One of the keys to successful digitization is the Website Landing Page, which is one of the major customer touch points.

A landing page is a web page that determines a visitor's impression and what they will do next. Landing pages are only effective if you know exactly what and who you want to sell to. A great landing page won't necessarily turn visitors into buyers, but it will help you find buyers among your visitors. With that we see that there are 3 goals that the Mitratel website must achieve in order to meet these criteria

Digital Product Marketplace

We provide custom mobile app development services. With custom mobile app development services, we need to know your business and tailor our application development services to meet your goals and expectations.

Internet Of Thing

Variabls is a full stack IoT platform for device management, data collection, and visualization. We foster innovation and make a business smart with the Internet of Things



As we approach Digital era, more and more companies are forced to implement digitalization though out their business. Many element can be digitalized such as marketing, finance, operation and even point of sales with the customer. Understanding the market need of an afile and powerfull ERP Tool, TAN Digital offering our customer Pijar ERP, a powerfull ERP tools than can adapt to the nature and the business process of our customer. Pijar ERP has multiple functionality such us Asset Management, CRM, Project Management, HRMS, and many more.